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Manage Cache



The Manage Cache tool allows the user to manage the offline cache of the current data source.


Tools - Manage Cache

Tools - Manage Cache



Generates a report of everything that is contained in the cache. It will read the offline data and perform a read/write test to verify if the offline file is valid.



Runs a command to reduce your cache size. The Vacuum should only be used after trying to execute a Repair of your cache. If the repair has not solved the issue, running a Vacuum usually solves issues when dealing with a corrupted cache.



Runs four different SQLite commands to repair a corrupted cache:


PRAGMA integrigy_check

REINDEX DatabaseInfo

REINDEX Connections

REINDEX Properties


Clear Output

Clear the Output section.



Deletes the cache file. Please note that this will empty your offline mode cache, always verify that your database is available before running a Delete.