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Devolutions Server




Devolutions Server is a self-hosted repository for storing and sharing your remote connections and credentials. You can find more information on the product's web site here.



This topic shows how to create a Devolutions Server data source. To create a Devolutions Server instance, please refer to the Installation topic from the Devolutions Server online help.


To learn more about Devolutions Server, please consult these topics


Devolutions Server installation instructions

Devolutions Server Security Checklist

Devolutions Server Automatic Acccount Creation


Create The Data Source


From the Data Sources section, tap on the Floating Action Button, then select the Microsoft SQL Server type.


Select data source type

Select data source type



Devolutions Server - Connection tab

Devolutions Server - Connection tab





Enter the name of the data source.


Enter the URL of the Devolutions Server.

Example: https://<Hostname_or_IP>/<InstanceName>


Enter the username to connect to the data source.

Always ask username

Ask for the username when connecting to the data source.


Enter the password to connect to the data source.

Always ask password

Ask for the password when connecting to the data source.

Test Server

Test the connection with the server to validate if the proper information has been provided.

Test Database

Test the connection with the database to validate if the proper information has been provided.


Private Vault

For more information, please consult the Private Vault topic.



Devolutions Server - Advanced tab

Devolutions Server - Advanced tab




Offline mode

Choose your offline mode between:

Disabled: No offline use of the data.

Read-Only: Session data can be browsed and launched while not communicating back to the data source.

Caching mode

Determine how the entries will be reload in the data source. Select between:




For more information see Caching Mode.

Ping online method

Indicate the prefer ping online method. Select between:


Web request

Auto go offline

If the ping online method doesn’t work it will automatically go offline.

Service type

Indicate the prefer Service type. Select between:


Web API Client

Web service client

Remote management mode

The only remote management mode available at the moment is the Via data source.