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The General menu contains general information about your entry.


Settings - General

Settings - General







Enter the session name that appears in the session list. This will be copied to the host field as it's initial value because often the computer name is entered here and can be used directly.


This is used to organize the session in different folders in the tree view.

Security group

In the Enterprise edition, Security groups are used to protect sessions from a subset of system users. Assign your entry to a security group to then control who has access to it and how much control they have on the entry. Security Groups can only be managed from the desktop application.

Allow show credentials (everybody)

The credentials will be reveal to everyone with access to the database.


Sessions can only be displayed in Embedded mode.


Define the credential source:

Default: Uses the credential define within the session configuration.

Credential repository: links this session to an existing credential repository entry. This is the solution that allows for reuse and lets you maintain the minimum number of entries whenever the credentials need updating. See Credential redirection for more information.

Embedded: [Embedded Credentials are not supported in Remote Desktop Manager for Android at this time] creates an embedded credential repository entry. It will be stored within this session's configuration.

Inherited: The entry uses the credentials of it's parent entry or group folder.

My Personal Credentials: [Personal Credentials are not supported in Remote Desktop Manager for Android at this time] This allows you to use one set of credentials to replace or emulate the ones from your Windows session. See My Personal Credentials for more information.

None: No credential will be define for the entry, you will be prompted for credentials every time you launch your session.