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How to Import using a Devolutions Online Drive


You may use the Devolutions Online Drive to easily import your data sources from Windows to Android.

The Online Drive stores and synchronize your remote connections and credentials online. You can access your sessions from anywhere via an Internet connection and can be synchronized between all your devices.


1- Create a Devolutions Online Drive data source using your Windows or macOS version of Remote Desktop Manager.

2- For added security you could encrypt the file content using the master key in the Advanced tab of the Devolutions Online Drive data source setting.


Devolutions Online Drive Advanced tab

3- Export your connections and entries from your XML data source and Import them in your newly created Devolutions Online Drive data source.

4- On your Android device create a Devolutions Online Drive data source and click on the database ellipsis.

5- Select the Devolutions Online Drive that was previously created on your Windows or macOS version.

6- If a master key was provided in Windows, enter the same master key in the advanced tab. If you don't provide the same master key as the one set in Windows, the system will not be able to read your connections.