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Local Specific Settings


Local Specific Settings allow users of the local device to override certain properties of an entry


This feature is only available when using an Advanced Data Source. The access to this feature is granted from the Data Source Settings with an Enterprise Edition of Remote Desktop Manager. Contact your administrator if this feature is not available.

Local Machine Specific Settings

Override credentials

Select the type of override to use. Overriding credentials allows the user to specify other credentials than the ones stored in an entry. Select the preferred override type according to your security practices and policies.

Override Credential

Override Credential



No Override

Do not override or stop overriding the credentials.


Use a specific username, Domain and Password define within the Override Credential entry.

Existing credential entry

Use a existing credential entry. Select Prompt on connection to prompt the user for a credential entry every time the session is opened.

Embedded credential entry

This option is not supported at this time in Remote Desktop Manager for Android.

My Personal Credentials

Allows the users to use their personal credentials, which are set in the My Account Settings section of the application Settings.

Private Vault Credentials

Select a credential entry from the user's private vault.