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What is Remote Desktop Manager for Android?




Remote Desktop Manager for Android is an application designed to centralize all your connections and credentials. Used in combination with a compatible desktop application, its capabilities are extended to create an enterprise-wide, high-end data store.


Remote Desktop Manager acts as a wrapper and a manager around existing technologies, and most communications are established using an external library or a third party software.


Remote Desktop Manager for Android offers a unified display of data sources managed by a Remote Desktop Manager for Windows or macOS. Although the several communication protocols are supported, the main objective of the mobile edition is to have direct access to credentials stored in a remote data source.


The Android version is complementary to the Windows and macOS version. You will require one of our desktop clients to fully experience Remote Desktop Manager for Android. These consist of:


1)Remote Desktop Manager

a)Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - Windows Edition

b)Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - macOS Edition


2)Password Vault Manager

a)Password Vault Manager Enterprise - Windows Edition

b)Password Vault Manager Enterprise - macOS Edition


Steps for Launching Remote Desktop Manager


Choose Your Data Source Type

Upon first launch, Remote Desktop Manager creates an XML data source. The data sources are elaborated further in Data Sources Overview. If you wish to use Remote Desktop Manager in a team environment you must use one of the Advanced Data source.


Create Entries

Each entry type is significantly different from each other. Please consult Entry Types for details on available types.