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Settings - Sessions


The Settings - Sessions section contains sessions specific settings.

Settings - Session

Settings - Session


Check if host is online

Ping the remote device before connecting. Sessions will connect only if the ping succeeds.


Enable to override your Remote Desktop session screen size to use Full screen, other predetermined size or even enter a custom width and height.

RDP Settings

RDP Settings



Screen Size settings override

Enable this option to override remote screen sizing with the settings below. This option applies for all RDP sessions.

Remote desktop size

Select the default remote screen size.

Custom width and height

Enter the desired width and height of remote screen. Only with the Remote desktop size option set to Custom.

Codec level

Select the codec level. Select between:

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8


Web Browser - Open External

Open web browser sessions with the device's default web browser.

SSH/Terminal Font Size

Define the SSH/Terminal font size. Select between 12 to 25.

SSH/Terminal Font size

SSH/Terminal Font size