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Known issues


The Android ecosystem offers many platforms and OSes and it could create some issues. Here are the list of know issues.

Remote Desktop Protocol sessions

External sessions are not supported.

Changing the orientation of the device when connected to an RDP session does not readjust the display.



Fields containing RTF cannot be read on your device (descriptions for connections or secure notes).


On some device, long pressing on the SSH terminal windows won't bring up the contextual menu to copy and select text. The contextual menu will appear and disappear immediately.

Known Issue - Version 1.3

The Close option from the connection's popup menu (Connections List, Running List and Favorites) is not available for SSH Shell, SSH Tunnel, SSH Port Forward and Telnet sessions. The option will be supported in the next release. For now, these types of sessions can be closed by restoring them and closing them within the session.