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Entry List


Entry lists display available entries for the current user. There are four entry lists in the application:

The Connections: displays all entries available for the current user and data source.

The Private Vault: displays user specific entries. These entries are not shared.

The Opened Sessions: displays all active sessions on the current device.

The Favorites: displays entries set as favorites.

Entry lists are usually separated in two sections: the entries on the left-hand side of the screen and a dashboard on the right-hand side.


Entry List

Entry List

Tap on an entry's name to select it and display information about it in the dashboard. Display the Entry Action Menu by tapping on the ellipsis button next to the entry's name.

Add An Entry

To Add an entry, press the Floating Action Button AddGreenSmall at the bottom of the entry list.

A new screen displays all available entry types. Tap on an entry type to open its configuration screen. For more in formation on configuring a specific entry, please consult its respective topic from the Entry Types chapter.


The Dashboard displays useful information about the selected entry.

Connections - Dashboard

Connections - Dashboard