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Top Pane



The top pane allows for quick access to the Drawer Menu, the Search Engine and an Action Menu.


Remote Desktop Manager For Android - Top Pane

Remote Desktop Manager For Android - Top Pane


The Status Bar

The Status Bar is located at the top most of the screen. This bar is not part of the Remote Desktop Manager application and is hidden when running a session. You can change this behavior in Settings - User Interface and enable Show status bar in sessions.


The Menu Button

The Navigation Drawer is displayed when tapping on the Menu button SectionGeneralSmall in the top right corner of the application screen or by sliding a finger from the left side of the screen when not in a session. This is where you can access the different sections of the application, such as the connection list, the private vault or the application's settings.


For more information, please consult the Navigation Drawer topic.


The Search Engine

Tap on the magnifying glass icon to display the search field and search for entries in the current data source.


Top Panel - Search Engine

Top Panel - Search Engine


The Action Menu

The Action Menu will show contextual actions. It is easily recognized by its ellipsis icon ActionMenuIconSmall. Similar menus are found in many places throughout the application.


Quick Connect allows you to connect to a remote session without the need to create an entry in the data source.


Refresh allows you to refresh the data in the data source.


Force Refresh allows you to reset the data source offline cache.


Action Menu

Action Menu


The Breadcrumb Trail Navigation

Above the connections list is the breadcrumb trail. This is used to keep track of your location in the entry list.


The Breadcrumb Trail

The Breadcrumb Trail


Each item separated by a > sign in the trail represents a group/folder. Tap on an item to navigate upwards in the entry list. It is also possible to tap and hold an item in the trail to slide it to the left or right to display items that are hidden when the trail is wider than the screen.